Monday, October 4, 2010

Leperchaun in alabama

I laugh the entire course of this video, every single time.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cash, easy cash.

What is it?
Basically this paybox is trying to be the new paypal, I doubt it will ever happen. But if it does whoever is signed up is automatically given 50$! Yeah, you have a chance to make 50$ for just signing up to a site. They also give you money on a daily basis. You could have thousands by the time this site is running.
Note:You don't deposit any of your own money.
What's the catch?
As an EarlyBird member, here's how to keep your account active...
  • Log in frequently & Use our services
  • Stay subscribed to the PayBox Blog
  • Complete posted Surveys
  • Share or apply for Job Listings
How do I join?
Just go to this link :

May many dollars bless your wallet.

Random song.

For anyone who likes this kind of music, this song is pretty good. It ridicules the making of a house song, It's also catchy, I like it. haha.
comment with any kind of music you like and maybe I'll make a post about it if I like it too.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Anyone looking to make a quick buck

This site pays out at 10$, it takes very little work to make the money. It's simply favoriting videos, posting links on facebook, that kind of stuff. It's quick and simple. Just type anything and hit change name to see if there's an offer, there aren't many offers right now. The ones they had today were youtube, facebook, twitter and delicious so sign up for those cause they're used pretty commonly.